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LIMBS International ( will host an engineering design competition at its 2nd Annual LIMBS Summit, June 5 & 6, 2014. 


Project Details

Register your team by February 1, 2013 to enter a design in the competition in one of the three following categories:


1)      Prosthetic arm

The goal for this project is to further the research and development of a functional low-cost prosthetic arm.  The arm can be designed for a trans-humeral or trans-radial amputee.  The design must address the limitations and needs of the amputee and develop an arm that meets the technological, economic and social requirements of patients in developing nations.  The arm must also take into consideration biomechanical response, manufacturability, cost effectiveness, local sustainability, repair and cultural acceptance.

2)      Prosthetic foot

Currently, there are few low cost prosthetic feet available for the developing world.  Those that are available tend to be heavy, have a short life-span and lack adequate dynamic response.  This project is to create a prosthetic foot that meets all the needs of an amputee in the third world.  The foot must have a biomechanical response that enables the user to walk with a natural gait.  It must be simple to manufacture and available at a low cost.  The foot must be locally sustainable and repairable.  And it must meet the social and cultural needs of the people it is made for.

3)      Spinal orthosis

Some of the common spinal orthoses used to correct scoliosis are the Milwaukee, Boston and Stagnara Braces.  Those technologies are currently too expensive for use in developing countries.  The goal for teams working on orthosis development is to create a device that is affordable, effective at correcting spinal curvature and can be adapted to various body sizes and shapes.

4)      Open Category

Many challenging areas within Prosthetics and Orthotics are plaguing the developing world; such as socket design, adaptors, ankles, ankle bracing, etc. This category is for any student selected designs that do not meet the above category. Yet, the selected topic must be in the general area of prosthetics / orthotics.


Additional Notes:

All teams must address the limitations and needs of low income patients world and produce a prototype that meets the technological, economic and social requirements of patients in developing nations.  Designs will be judged and cash prizes awarded to the winners.


Judging will be based on innovation of the design and adherence to the design criteria including the robustness and completeness of the final report.  The following cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the competition (it is possible that all prizes could be awarded in the same category):


First place - $1000

Second place - $500

Third place - $250


A two-page design proposal must be submitted by the end of February and a project report must be submitted by May 16.  At least two members of the team must present their research and findings at the LIMBS Summit to win. Registration for the summit is required at the time of the final report submission.


About LIMBS:

LIMBS International engages communities and transforms the lives of needy amputees throughout the world by offering affordable, sustainable prosthetic solutions.  For more than 11 million amputees around the world, the loss of a limb from lack of medical care, war or a simple infection is absolutely devastating.  By making ultra-affordable and highly effective prosthetic components available, amputees around the globe can regain their mobility and their capacity to work and provide for their families. 


If you have any additional questions contact Aaron at or (915)256-3617.